Tofu the Model

Choco El - grey jacket

Here’s the story for those who have asked:

We heard that Korean clothing companies like to hire foreigners as models.  I thought, “that could be so cool for my daughter!”  A friend at church gave us the number of a modeling agent but warned us that it could be months before they call.  They call sporadically when your child fits a particular role.  Well time ran away with me and suddenly it was right before the twins were due.  My mom arrived to help with the babies and I mentioned regretting never pursuing that opportunity for Tofu.

My mom suggested I go ahead and email the agent and maybe, just maybe, she’d get a job while my mom was in town.  On Sunday night I emailed the agent a few pictures.  Monday morning at 9 am the agent called asking if one of her clients could come asap to meet Tofu and do a clothes fitting.  She got the job; her first photo shoot was two days later.

Since then “Tofu” has modeled every week (sometimes twice a week).  First my mom went with her, then my sister Lindy, now since we know (and really like) the agent, Tofu goes by herself with the agent.

For most shoots, the agent picks her up around 1:30 and brings her back around 4pm.  “Tofu” loves it so far and on modeling days she asks me every 5 minutes if it’s time for modeling yet.  Her agent is fantastic with kids and brings lots of toys and treats.  Plus, she loves playing with the other kids.

It’s a wild goose chase trying to track down the catalogs when I don’t speak Korean (I’ve only gotten ONE so far) but here are a few recent ones:

Skarbarn (click on collections)

CanKids (click on Stylebook)

Jelispoon (click on her outfits, they are hyperlinks to additional pictures)