Korea Bucket List

The sites are divided into areas.  Areas are in bold.  Things we haven’t done are in blue.

Recent interest: the Bug Festival at Sindang Subway stop, CoEx Aquarium, Yongin (?). the beach Anja told me about, Seoul Land or Ever Land for the kids, the awesome water park Devon & Shelby went to, Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon (shoot longbows), Seoul fortress in spring, Buddha’s birthday lantern parade, mud festival 

  • Changdeokgung Palace (“best palace”) go on a Thursday so we can explore the Biwon (secret garden)
  • Cheonggyecheon  at night
  • Dongdaemun Market (fried silk worms, clothing carts, biggest Alpha)
  • Gwangjang Market  (“one of the best places to eat in Seoul”) try bindaetteok
  • Jongyesa Temple (center of Zen Buddhism in Korea–beautiful lanterns in courtyard)
  • Samcheong-dong Bukchon (“old Seoul”; traditional Hanok homes)
    • Insa-dong
    • Check out Skarbarn – we could never find it.  Bummer!
  • Gyeongbok Gung
  • Folk Museum
  • JUNG
  • Deoksugung changing of the guards
  • Myeongdong Market (free make-up samples, night life)
    • Can-more Cafe (cafe decorated like a garden with swings)
  • Namdaemun Market
  • Seoul Tower at night (bring a tripod and a padlock)
  • Namsan Park (pretty walks & Fall Colors)
  • MAPO
  • Bau House Cafe (a dog cafe)
  • Seoul Temple
  • Banpo Bridge at night (this is the moonlit rainbow one.) Operates Apr to Oct.
  • Leeum Samsung Museum of Art
  • Wang Thai (restaurant)
  • The War Memorial of Korea (tanks and aircraft to climb on)
  • Children’s Grand Park

    • The Zoo!
    • Battle in those giant balls
  • Boramae Park again!
  • Seoulleung (ancient ruins) in Samreung Park
  • Seoulleung Subway Station for the World’s 1st Virtual Supermarket
  • Samsung Children’s Museum (just past Jamsil)
  • Bukhansan National Park (borders Seoul to the north)
  • Jeju-do
  • ***Korean Independence Hall Museum***
  • Noraebang
  • cherry blossoms!
  • get scrubbed in a traditional bath
  • wear hanbok (traditional clothing)
  • eat fried silk worms
  • Temple Stay–Tongdosa Temple

One thought on “Korea Bucket List

  1. What a great list! I’m glad Jeju is on there. Woo hoo! But don’t go in winter unless you want to be freezing cold! Haha. It’s beautiful any time of year, though. And it’s a little like Narnia in the winter if it’s a nice day on the coast because it’s so forested in the middle.

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