Twins: 7 Months

for post[Better a little reflection, than none at all.]

Right around the twins 7-month birthday, we took the family to Hong Kong and Bali.  As we passed through customs in the Hong Kong airport, one of the airport staff took a scanner gun and from a few feet away pointed at each of the children.  It beeped while aimed at their heads, then she said, “no fever, you may pass through.”  We had never come across this health precaution in any airport before.  Then I began hearing murmurs about Avian Flu and seeing dozens of huge signs stating the symptoms to watch for.  Long story short, we were in HK 24 hours and by the time we leave Bonnie had all the symptoms (raging fever, cold, etc.) we debated going on to Bali.  She was sicker there.  Then it blew up and the next morning she bit me really hard while nursing.  Voila.  Her first tooth had popped through!  I had a good cry over saying goodbye to her gummy smile of babyhood.

Colt has the beginning of his first tooth in the same spot.

While nursing, Bonnie loves to explore my face–Helen Keller style.  She will grab a fistful of my cheek, pull on my bottom lip, hook a finger inside my cheek, stick her fingers up my nostrils.  But she is also really sweet.  Tracing my face and patting me with her soft little hands.

Every day, strangers make faces and silly sounds and wave excitedly at the babies. The babies stare back blankly without moving a muscle.  Then one day, Colt extended his little chubby arm and very slow twisted his wrist back and forth in a wave.  {I love these first discoveries!}  He has practiced a lot since then and Bonnie has begun waving as well.  We cheer when they do it and they seem to be aware and proud of themselves.

Colt is more verbal than Bonnie.  Long ago he said “da-da.”  Several weeks ago he began cooing, “Ma-ma.”  I know it’s babbling but the way he look at me so intently with his face full of light makes my heart rocket up into the galaxies.

Mobility:  Bonnie seems to be on the cusp of crawling.  She comfortable rolls either directions and can push-up and rock back and forth.  Colt still hates tummy time and screams into the rug after a few minutes.  He cannot roll either direction.  At the end of the day his neck always seems to hurt him and he can’t hold his head upright (he’ll be hunched over with his chin in his chest.)  It’s sad.  I hope it’s okay developmentally.