Twins: 4.5 months old


The twins did soooooo well sleeping through the night for 4+ weeks that we decided to officially move them out of our room and into the nursery.  (Good job twinsies!)

We must’ve jinxed it.

They went from FANTASTIC sleepers to waking up 5-6 times at night (now take that number and multiple it by two.)

I didn’t see it coming, so when they woke up during the night I though it was a fluke and would only feed one baby before groggily plodding back to bed.  45 minutes later the other baby would wake crying.

At least I could nap during the day, right?  Wrong.  They were tag-teaming me even then!  I wasn’t being diligent about their schedule so one would wake from a nap RIGHT as the other was falling asleep.

It’s a vicious cycle. I think I went 10 days without more than an hour of consecutive sleep, day or night.

One of these night, D was working late and wouldn’t be home until long after everyone was asleep.  It had been a rough afternoon/evening of sass and fighting from the big kids, although I’d fed them dinner I’d never gotten a chance to eat and was starving.  I hadn’t eaten because the babies were off schedule and angry screaming in unison.  (Sounds funny but it sends my stress levels through the roof.)  I was trying to keep my voice steady as I sang the nighttime lullabies and do the normal cheery routine as if they weren’t balling their eyes out but it looked like a long night ahead and tears kept dripping off my face.  At this moment, Kimchi snuck out of bed for water and saw me crying and ran up and threw his arms around my neck. “Tomorrow, Mom, I want to be so much better.”   

So, what caused the sleepless-ness?  All sorts of sickness raged through our family in the past month (stomach flu?  headcold?).  Pollution has been up which causes labored breathing for Colt.  They both have the constant drool and hot swollen gums indicative of teething.  Bonnie had an episode of night terror.  Our neighbors septic blockage seeped into our place in the middle of the night causing disruption.  The list goes on and on but I think it was just a growth spurt.

I believe if they don’t get enough calories during the day they will wake up during the night to get in extra feeds. And the twins woke up starving!

D and I talked about introducing food or supplementing with formula.  The thought of them being hungry makes me feel awful.  I know there’s a limit on how much my body can do for them. Right now it’s providing 100% of the sustenance to sustain 35 lbs worth of babies.

Anyway, a few days into the sleepless nights, we moved them back into our bedroom.  We made a battle plan. I fed them more frequently during the day and made an extra effort to get in full feeds.

The last two nights (March 20th and March 21st) they’ve sleep through the night (mostly–8:30pm to 5:30, then they’ll go back to sleep until 8am.)  SO GREAT!!   I hope this means they getting adequate nutrition.  I’m still apprehensive about it.

And, I am still extremely exhausted.  (I unloaded and put away an entire dishwasher’s worth of dirty dishes.  They’re all mixed in now.)  So very sleepy.  G’night blogosphere.


Tales of Tofu (4 years old)

Never underestimate the determination of a 4-year-old.  She asked to watch part of a movie (Frozen.)  I said, yes but that she needed to clear dinner dishes from the table first. Well, I was in my own world nursing the babies on the couch.  Then I hear the sound of the dishwasher starting.  (She had cleared the table, scrubbed the dishes out, loaded them along with the rest in the sink into the dishwasher, pulled out the soap from under the sink, untwisted the child-proof lid, filled the spot and started the dishwasher.)  Then she set my laptop up beside the TV, found the HDMI cord, hooked up the laptop up to the TV, entered my password on the laptop, found the file and started it,

Tofu is gassy and potent, poor girl.  My sister Lindy was riding on the bus with Tofu when Tofu had some sbd gas.  The smell hit Lindy right as Tofu, without guile, says “what is that AMAZING smell?!!!”

We frequently have friends stop by asking if Tofu wants to come over for a playdate.  Most of the time, she will tell them no, that she wants to stay home with her babies.  A few months ago when the babies started smiling she came home from a playdate and ran in asking, “How many smiles did I miss?”  Me: “Just a couple.” Tofu, on the verge of tears, “I shouldn’t have gone!!!”  Another time, one of the neighbor boys was over and Tofu squealed in excitement, “Let’s play with the babies!!”  The boy looks at the babies laying on the playmat and says, “Nah, I have one of those at home.”

[Sidenote] One lesson that the kids have really taken to heart is that babies are wanted and treasured in our family.  There has been no formal (or even intentional) teaching of this lesson but I think it has been a side-effect of the way we think and talk and pray about family members.  Sort of an osmosis of the feelings of our hearts.

  • Kimchi: “I’m going to get married when I’m 18!”
  • D: “Well, you can’t go on a mission then, you start missions at 18.”
  • Kimchi: “Okay, I’m going to get married when I’m 19!”
  • D: “Well a mission takes 2 years, you’d be in the middle of your mission.”
  • Kimchi: “Okay, 20.  I’ll finish my mission and get married at 20.”
  • Me: “Kimchi, why do you want to get married so quickly?”
  • Kimchi: “Babies.  I want to get married and have my own babies so badly.”

Haha.  Surely we need to swing that pendulum back and find some balance for him to carpe diem his own babyhood/childhood, but he has a tender heart and overflowing affection for the babies.

Along the same vein, Tofu and I are together 24-7.  She is my best little friend and a marvelous companion.  For better for worse, her little world is consumed with things from my bucket of responsibilities and I find her sweet little voice saying things like, “Wow Mom, you pumped all that milk?!  You are magical!  I am so proud of you.  That makes me so happy.”  (I’ve also caught her many times rubbing lansinol on her little chest buttons and stuffing nursing pads down her shirt.)  

While she is incredibly responsible in many areas she continues to keep us on our toes and regularly visit the ER.  In one week, she drank mouthwash and cleaning solution.  (Chugged it like milk.)  Luckily, in both scenarios I was prompted to go check on her at that very moment.  Luckily, she is fine.

She’s also been doing some zany things at night: sleepwalking through the dark apartment for long periods of time and one night she rolled back and forth across the wood floor in our bedroom for over an hour.

D and Tofu were walking down an alley near our house going to pick-up take-out. A gaggle of women in their mid-twenties stop to gush over Tofu (happens a lot here, I had multiple people, other patients, taking videos of the twins at the doctor’s office.)  D said to Tofu, “those ladies said you are very pretty.”  Tofu responded with, “Yeah, I know.  Everybody really likes me.”

Vocabulary by Tofu:

  • pinkie: a combination of “pink” and “binkie”; all pacifiers are called “pinkies.”
  • comspolsion.  Ex: Oh no, baby Bonnie’s diaper comsploded all up her back!
  • satchamated:  Ex: Her diapers is really satchamated; we should change it

Baby Colt’s name is really difficult for non-English speakers.  (At one hospital his records are under “Cott” and at another hospital they are under “Cort.”  I told the reception that it is “C-O-L-T,  L as in the word LOVE.”  The response was, “Yes, Airl as in Royve.”  Can’t argue that!  Seriously, I’m lucky so many people speak my language, when I speak none of theirs yet I am presumptuous enough to try to find the nuances of my language in their country. i recognize my arrogance and the absurdity.  For what it’s worth I’m so grateful for the sacrifices so many have made to learn English and that we can be so comfortable here.)  Anyway, Tofu hears me say a lot, “Colt means boy horse.”  She loves playing puppy and naturally she came up and asked me, “is there a name for a girl dog?”

Plans:  we are hoping to find and enroll her in gymnastics.