Random memories of the Twins 2nd Month of Life…

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Sometime in early December, Baby Colt woke from his sleep ravenously hungry and cried.  A real, loud cry.  This was the first time (around 5 or 6 weeks) that we had ever heard him really cry.  WE WERE OVERJOYED!  From birth he had been weak, sluggish, languid.  But that first cry in early December we thought, “yep.  This boy is going to be just fine.”

Around 6 or 7 weeks, their eyelashes began sprouting.

Also around 6 or 7 weeks, baby Colt became a flirting machine.  If he is awake, he is normally giving you million-dollar smiles and is very conversational.  Baby Bonnie’s smiles are a little harder to earn (stomach pain) but every bit as delightful.

At 1.5 months, Colt was 14 lbs and baby Bonnie was 13 pounds.  I was very happy because I work hard and sleep little to feed them.  Then I got food poisoning.  I didn’t realize what it was until I was very sick and had been nursing the babies all along.  In the following days, the babies had awful vomiting and diarrhea and lost weight.  At 2 months, they weighed just less than they had at 1.5 months.  It was an awful blow for me.  It seems silly, but I work so hard to nurse twins between recurrent mastitis, blebs, very short windows of sleep between night feedings, and constant milk supply issues (almost every day, I wonder if I will have any milk to nurse the following day.)  Anyway, so to hear that they hadn’t gained ANY weight in half a month was very discouraging.

Baby Colt still is an extremely chill kid.  He has a natural schedule that goes like this: he eats, then he smiles and coos at us for a while (when the twins are in the right mood they chortle and sing arias back-n-forth to each other) and then I lay him in his crib and he’ll fuss for a minute or two and then he’s out for the next 1.5-2 hours until I wake him to eat.  However, the babies rarely do the same thing at the same time.  Haha!  Bonnie-belle (the most common nickname for her these days) sleeps very little and wakes easily.  She also has become a very agitated nurser, rarely nursing for more than 2 minutes without going stiff and beet red and screaming.  We’re trying to figure it out and in the meantime I’m pumping.  She takes bottles very well.  She has always been the teeny one and the FIREBALL! She has never given us reason to worry health-wise until just recently.  We took the babies in for routine immunizations at the beginning of January, the doctor sent us to the ER of a larger hospital.  Baby Bonnie had a lot of unpleasant tests and home heart monitoring.  She has premature ventricular contractions.  Sometimes the AV Node sends it’s electrical impulse and sometimes it doesn’t. She is asymptomatic and only requires continued monitoring to make sure the frequency doesn’t increase.  It was a big scare and put things in perspective for us.  We are very relieved that she is going to be fine.

As I write this (January 23rd, 2014) the babies are 2.5 months old.  In their lives thus far, I have been deliciously indulgent as a mom.  I have held them while they sleep. and slept cuddled up with them in my bed.  We’ve had little-to-no schedule. I haven’t gone grocery shopping or to church.  They’ve rarely been more than an arms reach away from me.  I nurse on demand (which I love) and use nursing also to comfort them.  I’ve never let them cry except a handful of times when one twin is waiting for the other twin to finish nursing (and it was awful!)  I rarely get out of my pajamas and wear the same clothes for days.  I eat as much as I want of whatever I want.  (I’ve never dieted or restricted myself with food but right now I am straight-up gluttonous.)  We have dessert every night, sometimes 3 or 4 kinds. Anyway, I wish this life of being centered on my babies and spending my days staring at them could go on and on forever; but for their sake, I know we need to have a bit more of consistency and scheduling.  The most crucial part is sleep training (ie learning to fall asleep on their own, in their own crib) before they get old enough to really fight it.  I don’t like this part…but I love them enough to think a little more long term.  I’ll let you know how it goes!