Tofu Talk

before a photo shoot with Skärbarn

[I had seen a mosquito and told the kids to smush it so it wouldn’t bite the babies.] Tofu scrunches up her nose in determination and growls, “Come ‘ere mosquito I’m gonna slap yer face.”

[Praying] “Bless the sun to be happy if it wants to…”

She’s heard me say things to the babies like “Momma’s boy” and “Momma’s Girl” and Tofu’ll rush to the babies side cooing, “Hello my little girl!  How’s Sister’s girl doing?”

“My baby brother can’t breathe yet. Maybe when he’s older.”

Tofu recently began signing her name with my maiden name. It really ruffles her daddy’s feathers.

The babies helped us realize that Tofu is not good at recognizing body language/emotions.  Baby Girl gets stomach pain and will often go red, rigid, grimace and cry out.  Tofu sees that grimace and cheerfully exclaims, “Oh, she’s smiling!!!!”

Tofu’s go-to phrase: “Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.”

Tofu begged our neighbor for some of their American brand (commisary) yogurt and the neighbor gave her a couple to take home.  She took one bite and promptly decided she disliked cherry flavor and refused to have another bite.  I couldn’t find the yogurts in the fridge and asked her about it. “Um I saw one of the babies throw them all in the trash…”  (She’s really embracing all the benefits of being a big sister. 🙂 )


4 thoughts on “Tofu Talk

  1. She’s really been growing up a lot the last month or two. She’s rounding out her personality and becoming a wonderful little girl (and big sister)

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