Baby Boy & Baby Girl

Our baby boy and baby girl were born early last week.  Baby girl was born FIRST at noon and weighed 6 lbs 4 oz..  Baby boy was born at 12:01 (they got him out so quickly!) and weighed 7 lbs 5 oz.  

Baby girl is very healthy.  Baby boy is also very healthy but went to the NICU for some preemie issues (trouble breathing, regulating temperature, swallowing digesting.)  He was tested for a few more serious things but all results so far have come back normal,  Baby boy has made great progress everyday and has already been discharged from the NICU (!!) to an observation unit.  We are hoping to touch him and hold him for the first time today (11/11/2013).  My heart hangs heavily on it.  When I was in pain, D sat up through the night beside me stroking my hair, holding my hand, massaging my arm.  It made all the difference that he was there every time I woke up.  …Then I think of baby boy.  He’s been alive 7 days–undergoing all sorts of needles, tubes and tests–without so much as a warm hand on his skin.  He’s been in isolation to avoid infection.  He’s been completely alone.  What a bleak world to arrive into, right?

Baby girl has been so easy, sweet and patient.  I forgot how much newborns sleep! She is very alert for a newborn but wakes up to eat, then sleeps again.  We love both our babies so much.  

Anyway, we hope to meet baby boy today and we also hope to all be discharged from the hospital and GO HOME!!!

We have loved the quiet time as a couple and with baby girl while we’ve been in the hospital.  We were worried about cultural differences–the nurses and doctors have been so loving, helpful and attentive.  I’ve had a lot of  미역국 (miyeokguk: seaweed soup) and there have been a few giggles on both sides over language misunderstandings, but you would not believe how well the majority of the nursing staff (and Koreans generally) speak English!! 



4 thoughts on “Baby Boy & Baby Girl

  1. Yay! They’re so cute!!! Baby girl has so much hair! You look beautiful (you just had twins?! No way!) 🙂
    I hope baby boy recovers quickly! So he can be home getting all the snuggles and love! Kimchi looks like a very proud big brother! How fun for Kimchi and Tofu! They will be awesome helpers! For sure!
    Congrats, again! Can’t wait to meet them! I’m happy for you, guys!

    I just realized I ended almost every sentence with an exclamation point. Haha. I’m just excited for you!!!!

  2. How ADORABLE!!! I feel for baby boy as well. When I was in massage school there was a lot of talk about the importance of touch with newborns. Just give him LOTS of touch when you can!!! I love the cleft in the chin! So darling! And baby girl’s lips when Kimchi is holding her– so cute. Congratulations!!

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