How Tofu Plays Soccer

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36 weeks AND A DATE!

One of the things on my “Korea Bucket List” was to have Tofu model (I had heard that there’s a demand for Caucasian kids and such.) Last Spring was encompassed by morning sickness, Summer was spent stateside, and as soon as I returned home to Korea I was put on bed rest, bed rest would be followed by newborn twins.  So I wrote off the chance to have her model.

I mentioned this desire to my mom and she said she’d go with Tofu.  Awesome!  On Sunday night, I emailed a modeling agent some pictures of Tofu.  First thing Monday morning the agent called wanting to come meet Tofu asap!  The modeling agent brought the client who asked if Tofu could do a shoot the next day.  Yippee!

Tofu LOVED having her hair & make-up done.

I went for the first hour then took a taxi home while my mom stayed with her.  I was SO PROUD of her.  The team was raving about how pretty she is and how well she was doing.

Pregnancy Update: Still pregnant!


D & I always think to take these pictures around midnight…hence the mascara under my eyes. But wearing make-up at all, even in the wrong place, is a BIG deal these days. 😀

When I look at my bare stomach in the mirror, it totally reminds me of filling up a water balloon.  The top is taut and pulled straight but the bottom is much bigger and rounder.  It gets heavy and swollen as it fills and threatens to pop at any moment.

I had a doctor’s appointment last Monday.  (My mom came with me!)  We saw the babes on ultrasound.  Baby girl is still head down and ready.  You know how they take different measurements (femur bone, stomach circumference, head circumference) to measure gestational age?  Well baby girl measured 40 weeks.  40 WEEKS!   Baby boy is transverse (ie his body makes a “t” with hers.  He is behind her against my spine with his feet on my left side and his head on my right.)  He was VERY hard to measure because he is so far back and hidden behind her.  The tech could see his heart beating but was not able to measure the beats per minute.  Baby boy’s size measurements were also difficult to ascertain but it appears he has not grown since the last ultrasound.  If the ultrasound is correct, baby boy will be significantly smaller than baby girl.

The doctor wanted me to get a chest x-ray.  I was apprehensive (x-rays while pregnant??) but they assured me it was medically necessary and they would take precaution to cover and protect the babies.  I got the chest x-ray, they put up a screen over my stomach…hope it was enough!

From the chest x-ray, they could tell that my lungs had a lot of fluid in them.  Seriously?  Fluid is pooling around my heart and now in my lungs??  I must have the leakiest blood vessels in the world!!   This was interesting though because I’d slept horribly the night because every time I laid down I was having trouble breathing.

Anyway, the doctor said the c-section should be scheduled for earlier; today was suggested.  Then I panicked.  I kept asking the doctor what we should do.  We decided on a date a week away.  (Of course, after leaving the hospital, I spent the rest of the day fretting over this decision.  “Had I convinced the doctor to delay the babies’ birth to their detriment?”  Or, “Had I my body failed to support the babies and pushed the c-section earlier to the babes’ detriment?”  I could not read the doctor.)

Anyway, <drum roll, please> in a few days I’ll check into the hospital for monitoring; The following morning will be baby girl and baby boy’s BIRTHDAY.

If you are stateside, THE BABIES WILL BE BORN NOVEMBER 4TH at 4PM MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME (that’s 6pm if you’re GoGo & Fiddy and Auden, 5pm if your Texan, 3pm if you live in Washington state, etc.)

We’re so excited…and nervous…I shared the specific time so that if you’d like, you can pray for us and the medical staff.