33 Weeks


In front of the Han River. Still keeping up bed rest…this is the first time I’ve left the apartment in a month.

Some interesting observations this week:

  • My stomach is too big, for my arms to reach past it and across the sink to the faucet to do dishes.  Awesome excuse, right?!  But really!  I have to turn sideways and scrub, set-down brush, rinse.  One-handed.
  • My stomach is getting too big for me to hold a laptop on my lap and reach around it to type.  iopqiropafeankfjeiowjrieow!!!!!
  • For several months my stomach has been a complex road map of blue veins (Does this happen to everyone?  Or is my skin more translucent?) Now my stomach has turned a bright, sunburned pink; which I think also has to do with blood flow.
  • The babies dropped.  I breathe so much easier.  Less stomach kicks=less nausea.  I am SO LUCKY!
  • Pregnancy brain:  Today I was standing in front of the fridge, holding the door open for several minutes trying to recall what I was going to pull out.  Then I discovered my cell phone in the cheese drawer.

I had an doctor’s appointment two weeks ago for a non-stress test (NST.)  This is the test where they hook up sensors/transducers to monitor each babes’ heartbeat and uterine contractions.  They couldn’t find baby boy’s heartbeat for about 10 minutes.  Of course, there’s the language/cultural barrier and no one said a word to me what was going on–just more nurses and techs kept coming in and pushing on my stomach with increased urgency.  I worried for a moment or two but then recognized I could feel him moving around.  Once they found it, they used a “stimulator” on him.  I’m not quite sure what it was but it frightened the daylights out of both of us and drastically increased his heart rate, which seemed to please them.

PUPPPS.  Several weeks ago I went to the doctor for intense itchiness.  He diagnosed PUPPPS, a pregnancy-related thing that is completely harmless to the babies.  At the time, I didn’t have any marks or rashes from it.  Then a few days ago I woke up with a rash across my chest & neck, swollen eyelids and lips and tons of little sores on my stomach.  (Don’t google-image PUPPP; it’s disgusting.)  Anyway, despite the previous doctor’s appointment, I was worried and had no idea what it could be.  I emailed my brother-in-law (who is like a walking encyclopedia of medicine) who told me what was going on and gave me lots of good advice.

The funny thing is, everything has been going SO WELL.  It’s as if I made a mental list of wishes and every wish, one-by-one, was being answered.  First, D bought fans and our nights have really cooled down.  Being cooler means less edema and MUCH better, deeper sleep.   Now that I’m not sweating constantly my face is clearing up.  🙂  The mosquitoes seemed to lose a taste for me.  Yippee!!  And although we’ve never asked for it, and heaven knows I can get up briefly to make food, we’ve had several people ring-and-run meals.  (Taco Soup with BEANS and GROUND BEEF.  A total luxury in Seoul.  The food must be from a military family.)  AND I’ve been feeling baby boy move a lot more.  Plus, while on bed rest, I’ve had little-to-no back pain.   And heartburn could be much worse.  …In short, I guess I’m overdue for my pregnancy trial-by-fire and it looks like it’s going to be PUPPPS.   The itching is making me quite insane, sleep-deprived and very irritable.  Sometimes it has even made me want the babies to come earlier rather than later (…in waves, I know it’s wrong.  I love my babies.  I just itch like MAD!)  I have to remind myself that the longer the babies cook, the better.  And there are so many things I will miss about being pregnant.


9 thoughts on “33 Weeks

  1. Wow! What a picture, really demonstrates how BIG a deal having twins is. Do you know which one dropped first, thinking to be the oldest? Guess the doctor could have a vote on that. And Grams wants to know why you are spending some of your allotted 15 min uptime doing dishes.
    By the way, has anyone correctly guessed the names? We were thinking B&C would fit Bonnie and Clyde, or more appropriately, Bonnie and Curtis? We’ll know pretty soon!
    Love,grams and gramps.

    • That is a great question Gramps!!! I want to know the same thing!!!!

      The twins have been neck n’ neck most of the pregnancy but the baby girl has been ever so slightly first, the presenting twin. She’s always labeled as “Twin A” in ultrasounds.
      Although, baby boy has always been head down and crunched up, while baby girl has been breach (and really stretched out) the past months–so if someone is more likely to be in the right place it might be the boy??

      Today is Friday in Seoul and on Monday I have an ultrasound, We’ll email or call and tell you which is first. All these things are so fun to think about. We love you dearly Gramps & Grams.

  2. My friend Courtney (had twin boys 2 months ago) had that–PUPPPS. It drove her nuts.. Have you tried vaseline? Also, the dr told her she could scratch her skin with a sponge because it wont break her skin, and she said that helped a lot, really soothing. So sorry!!! But it’s wonderful to hear about the pregnancy, and awesome that the other issues seem to have cleared. Oh, also, Grams and Gramps guessed the names I’m thinking–Bonnie and Curtis. Love you!!!

    • The sponge is a brilliant idea!
      I’ve been avoiding lotion, etc. because it seems to hold heat in the sores and make them spread–but I’m willing to try anything that might help! Especially if vaseline helped Courtney with PUPPPS. Mine has been atypical, in that it normally spares the face. 😦 I’ll send you an email about the names. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Somehow it takes me a while to see your posts! Phone in the cheese drawer!!!!! HA! And you are SO positive! Way to be. I’m sorry about the bugs and the heat and the itchiness and the language barrier. I can only imagine how hard that would be while pregnant. 😦 I kind of had a break through with Korean one night because of the mosquitoes. That’ the only reason I kind of think of them fondly. One was buzzing and biting one night and I woke up and yelled “자밨다!” without thinking/really being awake. It means “got it.”

  4. I love your optimistic attitude about the hard spots of pregnancy!! Nelson and I were talking about it last night and we admire you so much. and all the other members of the clan. We are praying for you! So close! You should play “It’s the final countdown” to get pumped when it’s tough…. and then have Kimchi dance to it like that one video from the Shoug…. 😉

  5. It makes me so happy seeing your big belly. I’m sure you don’t always feel it, but it really is gorgeous! You are incredible, I can’t imagine a twin pregnancy with bed rest and two kids-you deserve an award. I’m glad that even through the things that are challenging there are blessings popping up everywhere. We pray for you guys all the time! I wish there was more we could do.

    • Gens & Holly, this goes to show was a space-cadet I am. I saw Genny’s comment and thought, “What is that idiomatic expression, ‘phone the cheese drawer’? Maybe it’s like Brian Reagan’s ‘call the waaambulance.’ ” Then I saw your comment Holly and thought everyone knows this reference (telephoning cheese???) except me!
      Space Cadet

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