Quote of the Day

We are still getting eaten alive by mosquitoes; we figured out that they are coming through drains and air vents.  (They are itsy-bitsy but leave vicious bites the size of quarters.)  Anyway, LUCKY Tofu gets hardly any bites and we’ve commented several times how fortunate she is.  Out-of-the-blue, she gave this explanation:

“I don’t get any bites because….I’m smelly.  I don’t wipe.  Mommy! Daddy! Maybe if you don’t wipe either mosquitoes won’t eat you!!”

And a Kimchi quote:

“Mom if you could fold in your arms and legs in, you’d look just like a bowling ball.”

Tofu (repeated twenty times a day):

“I want to name my baby sister ‘Juicy.’ “



5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. In my case, I was surprised how huge mosquitoes in Korea are! They are almost three times the size of mosquitoes from where I live. And yes, they sure do leave a nasty, painful swollen bite mark! T T

  2. Where in the world does she get her name ideas? Wya, Huey, Juicy….. She is so creative. Love it. Also, do you have access to bleach? The mosquitos may be nesting in the drains, if you bleach them it may help?

    • We do have bleach! That is such a good idea EC. So far, I’ve been spraying bug repellent on the drains and being compulsive about keeping drains closed. Bleach sounds a lot more aggressive and productive. Thanks!

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