Tofu turns 4! (Very soon.)

Huey Jul 2013

I am greatly indebted to this little girl.  The past few weeks she has been my constant helper; bringing me things, putting things away, picking up things I dropped on the floor.  Friends keep saying it must be so difficult to be on bed rest with a child to entertain and care for.  On the contrary, I’d be helpless without her!

She is as full of spunk as ever and often shocks us or makes us laugh.  She works hard at developing the best immune system in the world!  Example #1: One of her signature moves is licking off the bottom of both of her shoes after climbing in a taxi.  Example #2: The other day I was cooking and went to drop some peelings in the food waste (we separate out all our food trash in Korea) and quick as a wink she reaches in the can and snatches out a fuzzy, moldy piece of raw onion and gobbles it up saying, “Mommy, why’d you throw away a good one?”  Example #3: It’s REALLY humid in Seoul this time of year and everything molds,  I went through the bath toys and pulled out the squirter ones (you know, like rubber duckies) that needed a bleach bath to kill the black mold inside.  Before I’d cleaned them I found her slurping the mold out of one of them.  Suffice it to say, this girl is brave, curious, incorrigible, and has a rockin’ immune system.

She is very smart.  She has a journal that was intended to be a drawing journal for her but at 3 she loves words.  She’ll be walking around the apartment and I can hear her breaking up a word and mulling over the sounds in it.  Then she asks to get out her journal because she wants to put the word in it.  Recent words are “hosbitil” (hospital) and “dakter” (doctor) and she wrote a note to her friend “Lose” (Lucy.)

We spent most of the summer at my parents’ house in Washington.  She spent all her time playing outside except when she’d come in to eat.  She was in heaven; it was the absolute perfect summer for her.  Also, she and my dad (“Grumpa”) seem to have a special connection.  If he was home, she refused to leave his side. Whether he was at the barn, in the garden, caring for frogs or repairing things she followed him like a shadow–even if Grumpa had a work conference call, she preferred to sit quietly on the couch in his office to stay near him.

At the end of the day, Kimchi really needs to wrestle and get out all his extra pent-up energy.  Tofu may be a girl but I think she fits the bill better than most brothers would.  She’s tough as nails and they have SO MUCH fun wrestling and playing together. [Awesome video coming IF I can get it off my phone.]

We love our Tofu-girl!


8 thoughts on “Tofu turns 4! (Very soon.)

    • Thanks Penny! It’s from extended family pictures my parents had done in Washington this summer and Tofu was constantly scrunching up her face and grimacing. The photographer literally caught the half-second that she gave a smile. The angle/smile is actually very reminiscent of the one you caught of her around 1-2 months. The twins’ birth seems alternately RIGHT AWAY(!!) or aeons away. 6-8 weeks!

    • Thanks Nels. Her response, “thank you for being proud of me and I love you so much. That’s why I love you so much, because. And, I want to say to Katy that I am so happy you are coming to our house and I love that you are coming and I want to give you big kisses. And that’s it.” KT-she was unprompted. She decided you were coming of her own accord. Sorry for the pressure. We’ve been talking about Mom coming for the babies.

  1. Happy birthday Olivia! (guess it is about over in Korea). Carma and I were just commenting a few days ago how much help Livvy would be for her Mom at this time. Glad to hear that is how it is working!
    Gramps and Grams

  2. I love that Tofu girl too!! What a character. What a sweetheart!! It melted me this summer when she so sweetly played with Auden– so patiently too! Or when she shared clementines with him. She’s going to be the best big sister for those twins. Love you Tofu!!! Thanks for being the BEST niece!!!

  3. Tofu also has a fun habit: every time I get in an elevator with her, she immediately licks the wall. I think she’s looking for the best-tasting elevator in Seoul

  4. oh man, she’s a brave soul, I gagged just reading about that haha.
    I showed Asher that picture and he said, “Oh him has blue eyes like dada! and me and Sawyer!” ❤

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