Introducing…. TaeKwonDo & Red Bean!

J/K, I don’t know what we’re going to call them on the blog, but we’d like to share our happy news:twins

I am pregnant with boy/girl twins.  They are due in November.

I’ve kept a daily journal for most of the pregnancy and could go on and on about what an amazing and spiritual experience it has been for me to carry twins.

The most helpful advice I’ve been given during this pregnancy is, “Never compare a twin pregnancy with a regular (singleton) pregnancy–because nothing is the same and if you do, you’ll go crazy worrying something is wrong.”

Names.  We the babies names picked out from the beginning and crossed our fingers that genders would align–and they did!  One name starts with a “C” and the other name starts with a “B.”  We’ve kept the names a secret.  However, my family members guessed all summer long.  (It was so fun!!!)  We do tell whoever guesses correctly.  ;D


12 thoughts on “Introducing…. TaeKwonDo & Red Bean!

  1. Holy Moly Val! Congratulations. You look great. That belly is so darn cute….no matter how the Koreans react :). There is something magical about twins. I can’t explain it. Almost how I feel about South Africa…enchanting. You are so lucky! I can’t wait to hear more, keep us posted.

  2. YAY! 🙂 So happy! And I love the little pink hat and blue tie you added to the ultrasound pictures. Very creative and very cute!
    You look beautiful! 🙂

    • Oh how I wish you could Erika!!! If only we were in Portland.
      I really want newborn pictures to commemorate and remember; and I’m going to try to find someone but most likely it will come down to my mom and I taking them. If you come across any tips or ideas will you send them my way?

  3. Still so excited I can’t even stand it! 🙂 And Kimchi is right… you do look BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the little cuties.

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