Water Balloons

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon here in Seoul.  Kimchi loves to watch Saturday morning cartoons despite that they are all in Korean.  🙂

Warning: whining, complaining

D’s work hours have been terrible.  He leaves around 6 am and comes home around 11 pm.  Today (Saturday) he went in at 4 am; he hoped if he went in early, he’d get done in time to see the kids.  No such luck.  And to think, one of the most enticing things about this job in Seoul was the professed and flaunted family-friendly hours.   Not a funny trick.  😦

The kids have been quarreling this morning, so I decided to entertain myself while also letting them expend their angst.  Cue water balloons!

[Odd note: as I was unloading these pictures on the computer, I noticed that other than when D’s parents came to visit, I haven’t taken ANY pictures in 2013.  There are some on my phone, but otherwise nada.  Where did the picture-crazy-me go?]


6 thoughts on “Water Balloons

  1. That looks like so much fun! I was just thinking about how you give me grief when I don’t post but haven’t been posting yourself! So happy to see the lanky playful children of yours. Hold them really tight so they will stop growing until I see them again!

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