“It’s Always Fun When Grandpa (and GoGo) Come”

Can you name that song? ¬†ūüėČ

In the beginning of April, D’s parents came to visit. ¬†The kids were so excited before the visit, during the visit, and have reminisced about the visit since.

Here are some pictures of the visit:


3 and a half

If we couldn’t hear Tofu well while videotaping, we cupped our hand to our ear. ¬†Anyway, she got that signal around the word “Mormon” ….which made us laugh because when you love a child, everything is too funny.

Tofu is at a fun, silly age. ¬†She started preschool three months ago and loves it. ¬†She bemoans Saturdays and Sundays. ¬†Last Friday was International Day at school. ¬†Both Kimchi and Tofu sang and danced on stage as part of the school assembly. ¬†The assembly also including a slideshow of student/class pictures–no one’s name was cheered as loudly, or as frequently, by the student body as “Tofu’s” name was. ¬†She is well-known and well-liked by her peers and older students for her spunky, zany personality.

She and Kimchi love to hear stories about when they were babies. ¬†She usually interrupts me and says, “Start over. ¬†You forgot to say, ‘Once upon a time.’ “

She is a very sweet daughter and often tells me, “I love you [first name] [middle name] [last name]” just like her daddy does.

She has a good memory. ¬†For example, the other day she asked me how to spell ‘sunny.’ ¬†Then the next day she was playing out on our balcony (we have an enclosed balcony that has become “the toy room”) and she leaned her head against the window and said, “the sun is in the sky. ¬†It is s-u-n-n-y.”

She is FULL of jumping beans. ¬†She cannot sit still. ¬†One afternoon, I took Kimchi and Tofu to try-out a Tae Kwon Do class. ¬†Picture all the children lined-up evenly in rows, imitating the moves of the Master. Their feet were firmly planted on the ground and they were repeating after him in unison. ¬†Then there was Tofu. ¬†She was bouncing. ¬†Every time her feet touched down, she’d fly upwards again, kicking her legs out in every direction. ¬†She bounced further and further from her ‘spot’ until she landed on the child next to her and toppled the whole row like¬†dominoes. ¬†That seemed to free her from her designated area and she began running laps around the group and swatting Master Kang on the backside as she ran by. ¬† ¬†Might have been one of those moments when you had to be there but I couldn’t stop laughing about it for days. ¬†At the end of class, Master Kang came up to me and said, “the discipline of Tae Kwon Do could be very beneficial to your daughter.” ¬†Hahaha!

She was on cloud 9 the whole way home from Tae Kwon Do and as we neared home, she was running through the little parking lot in front of our building. ¬†When she runs, her long legs spin and her upper body lags behind and she’ll dreamily watch something to the side of her or behind her–her torso seems unaware that her legs are propelling her body forward at great speed. ¬†Back to our little parking lot: SMACK! ¬†She ran right into a parked car!!! ¬†And she didn’t just¬†graze it either,¬†she ran into the side door–which means she missed missing it by about 4 feet!!! ¬†She impact sent her flying backwards flat on her back and for a moment I thought she might be knocked unconscious. ¬†Nope, she sat up, turned and gave me a big Sue Heck grin, then got up and kept on running.

She loves her big brother. ¬†She wants to go to school, read, write, draw, learn Tae Kwon Do and use the toilet standing up because she wants to be just like him. ¬†Tofu loves being part of anything he is playing. ¬†Although I often hear his exasperation “Tofu!!! ¬†Samurai warriors do not meow like kitties!”