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The littles wanted to participate in the March madness.  They used a very advanced algorithm for their picks.  Tofu favored any team with an “O”.  Kimchi was all about Duke (his best friend’s dad went there) until he came across the word “Marquette”.  He loved the spelling and the sound, which made it champion material.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Madness

  1. Awesome, i am glad they participated. Too bad UNC did not the make the sweet 16 otherwise, Kimchi would have picked them.

  2. I love that they made their own brackets! Way to go kids! They didn’t do half bad… very impressive. I may have to join forces with them next year. Did we tell you my family might do a Korea vacation after our Pace vacation?? So not only would we see you here, but we’d see you in YOUR HOME! I think it’d be AWESOME for Kimchi and Tofu to show us around. What a great time it’d be… we’ll keep you updated! Love you guys and miss you SO SO SO much!

    • That would be incredible!!! So July or August then? We savor any chance to spend more time with you!! Although it would definitely be you showing us around! 🙂

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