Older than Peter Pan

[Peter Pan had all his baby teeth. Kimchi does not.]

At 5 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 6 days; Kimchi lost his first tooth!  And it was truly lost!  I noticed the big, gaping hole immediately when I picked him up from school.  I screamed, scooped him up and yelled it for the world to hear.  The panicked look on his face let me know that he had no idea it had gone missing.  His sweet teachers crawled on their hands and knees with us through his classroom looking for it, but since he never felt it come loose, we think it joined his lunch.

One week later he lost his second tooth.  He made a cage for this prized possession and admired it for several days before deciding to turn it over to the tooth fairy.  The fairy forgot a couple nights (!!!) and then finally left him 700 won (64 cents).  Kimchi planned on using 500 won for 봉어빵 (red bean paste fish) and the rest in toy machines outside the convenience store along the walk to school.  Instead, he spent 100 won (9 cents) in the toy machine and wants to “open a bank account” for the rest.

I didn’t understand why parents always make such a big deal out of their child losing their first tooth (after all, it was inevitable) but now I totally get it.  I’m not ready for him to enter the crooked teeth, buck-tooth stage (and if his parents are any indication, he’s in for it.)  Nor am I’m not ready for his sweet, darling child-look to be forever gone.  My baby boy, I’m not ready!!!


6 thoughts on “Older than Peter Pan

  1. Oh my heavens. I thought it was so cute that he lost his tooth, but then I read on and FULLY understood how scary this is! I’m not ready for it either. He is not allowed to get any new teeth before I see him again. Let him know he will be tooth free until at least June. 🙂

  2. Yep. I am not enjoying the crooked teeth on Katie right now. Maybe Peter Pan was a late teeth loser… Katie didn’t lose her first one until she was seven. I had a friend who called me all in a panic because her daughter lost her first tooth at five. I think I would have been freaked out if it had been that early as well!

  3. Wow! He lost a tooth already?! He’s getting so big. I love the pictures of your babies, they are so cute. I’m jealous of all the adventures you are having on the other side of the world. I hope we get to meet up again someday.

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