Siem Reap, Cambodia

We were in Cambodia for a day-and-a-half.

D and I joked that with each additional city, our hotels depreciated.  Now, there is a lot of variability as to what are the defining points of a nice hotel.  For us, it’s safety and the beds (cleanliness & comfort.)  Our hotel in Beijing was ultra-luxurious (we lucked out.  They saw our tired little children and gave us a free upgrade.)  Our hotel in Phuket was older/less clean but big, comfortable and had gorgeous views.  We were so happy there. Perfect couple of days.  In Bangkok, our hotel room was up 7 flights of stairs, barely fit the bed, and there was an all night frat party in our hall (of course, the children didn’t notice and slept as soundly as ever.)  Our Cambodia hotel was fine and served it’s purpose of giving us a place to sleep.  But there were a lot of bed bugs, D slept in a pool of sweat because the AC was broken, and when we tried to use the sink it spewed sewage everywhere, which proceeded to cook in the heat–but we laughed, slept well, met delightful people, and had a good time.   (The trend continued. Our very last night was a lay-over in the airport in Beijing. We had done our research, knew where the couches were, sprinted there and claimed them.  We had the kids layered and in down winter coats.  What we did not anticipate was that it would freezing temperatures inside the airport.  We couldn’t stop shivering and could see our breath indoors.  We ended up huddling as a family in a bathroom stall and waiting the night out.  In D’s defense, he wanted to spring for the in-airport hotel but I said it was ludicrously expensive for the 4 hours we’d be sleeping.  While huddled in the bathroom, he never once said, “I told you so” but was good-tempered and solution-oriented.  Adventure!)

The whole family agrees, all of these experiences were remarkably good times with lots of love and happy children.


7 thoughts on “Siem Reap, Cambodia

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  2. Hmmmm I’m going to say that hearing about your later hotel experiences makes me hesitant to want to do international travel… Bed bugs? Sewage out of the faucet? Freezing in the airport? You guys are troopers.

    • haha! Please don’t let it color Cambodia for you!!! There are beautiful resorts there as well.
      I should give the disclaimer that we chose what we got! We wanted to minimize hotel costs the entire trip (after all, we weren’t there for the hotels) and so we chose the cheapest of the cheap. Our Cambodia hotel was…like the cost of two McDonald’s meals.
      It served it’s purpose. And money that we would’ve disappeared while we slept is saved for other things. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for the comment Erika! I think the coolest international place to travel is probably Korea and accommodations there are clean, lovely and free. 🙂

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