Phuket, Thailand (part II)

Our second day in Phuket, we hopped on a boat and sailed out into the Andaman Sea.  After a few hours, the boat stopped in the middle of beautiful limestone cliffs and rock formations.  We climbed into canoes and paddled up to what appeared to be a rock wall with a hole just a few inches high.  We layed down as flat as possible in the canoe and pulled ourselves into the pitch dark hole and used our hands to move the canoe deeper in.  Eventually we started to see a little light and we could sit up and paddle into a hong.  A hong is a sea cave where the roof has collapsed so it’s open to the sky and becomes a secret lagoon full of jungle life.  We explored several hongs and in the afternoon stopped and relaxed on the beach of an uninhabited island.  A few of the canoe guides (middle-aged Thai men) were playing soccer on the beach and they recruited Kimchi.  Kimchi would dive into the waves after the soccer ball and they’d cheer wildly and carry him around.


6 thoughts on “Phuket, Thailand (part II)

  1. When we arrived in Phuket, V asked everyone “What are the two things you want to do here?” Kimchi’s were “Drink out of a coconut, and wrestle with Daddy on the bed!”. He had seen family pictures of D drinking out of a coconut in Rio, and wanted try it here! And boy did we wrestle!

  2. Oh my goodness. All of these traveling posts and pictures make me want to get started on mine and Adam’s trip right away! So cool!

    Thailand is beautiful and looks like a fun adventure!

  3. These pictures are unreal! I love the one of them drinking out of a coconut, they are beautiful children. “And relaxed on the beach of an uninhabited island” not many people get to share experiences like these, so happy for you guys!

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