Phuket, Thailand (part I)

(Click on a picture to enlarge.  Then use the left and right arrows to scroll.)


7 thoughts on “Phuket, Thailand (part I)

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  2. OK, I am officially jealous. How lucky are you guys are able to travel around Asia; what a great experience for your family. I would love to do that someday. It would be so fun to ride an elephant and eat all that thai food. Jarrod and I can’t ever get enough thai food. We love everything you got, especially chicken satay…yum!!!

  3. These pictures are incredible! Asher thinks its so cool you got to ride on elephants, “Wow elephant! Mama wow!” I think I’m going to have to add that to my bucket list.

  4. I have SO much to say about this blogpost. First of all, you should know that the pictures got me laughing HARD at least twice and I’m in the library studying… so the three other people at my table starred at me the first couple of times as I tried to stiffle my laughter, and then they started smiling and laughing too because I was getting such a kick out of it. The white paste? Of course that would be more common then sunblock… and the elephants passing gas? By the way Val, you look fabulous. Oh and you can tell D that the parasailing looks kind of cool, I guess.

  5. I love these posts!!! Whitening paste, seriously? And what does D’s shirt say? Is that a picture of Obama?
    Awesome pictures. Thailand sounds awesome. I am especially jealous that you got to feed baby tigers!

  6. You rode an elephant???!!!!! You RODE an ELEPHANT?!!! Seriously, coolest parents EVER award (as if you didn’t already have it in the bag…).

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