Beijing, China

We arrived in Beijing on the evening of the 25th and went straight from the airport to an acrobatics show.  The auditorium had no electricity or heat (luckily we were bundled up) and so we anticipated being underwhelmed by the show–thankfully we were wrong!  Every act was PHENOMENAL.  Kimchi:  “That was incredible! How did they ride 5 motorcycles in that cage?!!  …Oh, I remember, they’re grown-ups.

Then we got some Chinese food and tucked our kids in bed at the hotel.  Then from midnight to 2am we skyped with D’s whole family—including his brother and sister on their missions!!  They sounded great but we were really disappointed we couldn’t see them because of China’s internet restrictions.

We got up at 6 to go to the Great Wall.  It was slippery and icy (we let Tofu slide down several hills with her dad at the bottom to catch her) but surprisingly not cold up on top.  D’s been to the Great Wall before but this was my first time and I loved being at the site of such ancient history.  Kimchi is really into Ninjas and every stone was riddled with danger and adventure.  He was really cute.

From the Great Wall we went straight to the airport and on to Thailand!  (D: kept bottom-dialing the flight attendants.  Hahaha!)  Time to put away our winter coats and break out the swimsuits!!


11 thoughts on “Beijing, China

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  2. I can’t believe all the things your babies get to do. It sounds like you guys have so much fun. Your little ones are so cute.

  3. You have now been to The Great Wall and multiple Great Lakes!
    looking forward to the tales of the adventures in the other cities!
    Thanks for the update.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! You guys are AWESOME! That’s the only word for it. What an amazing adventure!! You all look amazing, and V, your hat=adorable.

    • ps. I just noticed the Speed Racer gloves haha amazing! (One year for Halloween Bryce was Speed Racer and I was Rainbow Bright :D)

  5. This is beautiful! Asia is definitely on our list of travels. You guys always seem to have the best luck with finding awesome deals for traveling. Maybe you can help us when Adam and I travel. 🙂 Your hair is so long and gorgeous (totally envious!)

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