THE Christmas Trip

Shortly before Christmas, D found some highly discounted inter-Asia flights.

The catch?  A red-eye flight, flying on Christmas & New Year’s Day, and a long lay-over in Beijing.  We jubilantly said, “we’ll take it!”  We left Santa a note to come back after the new year, stuffed a few days clothing in a carry-on, and hopped on a bus to the airport.

In 8 days we went to Beijing, Phu ketBangkok and Siem Reap.


CREDITS:  All credit goes to my dear husband who quickly planned the whole thing. (I just showed up!  He had figured out everything: the the travel documents, transportation, hotels, activities, even inexpensive restaurant recommendations and photo ops.  That man is incredible.)  And credit goes to Kimchi and Tofu for being the BEST TRAVELERS EVER!  While traveling, we usually got to bed late and needed to wake up very early, we walked a lot (both in snow and heat), slept overnight in a freezing airport, and spent many hours on flights.  We didn’t bring a single toy or electronic device (other than my camera & his phone) but they made many friends everywhere they went and entertained each other with their imaginations.

On the flight from Cambodia to Thailand, I overheard this conversation between Kimchi and another passenger across the aisle in front of him.

  • Kimchi: You have a beautiful baby daughter.  How old is she?
  • ….
  • Kimchi: That’s such a fun age.   What is her name?
  • ….
  • Kimchi: Oh I love that name!  …But I probably won’t remember it because I don’t speak your language.  ….Could I make up a nickname for her?  I give nicknames to people I love.
  • [And then Kimchi entertained this 18-month-old for the rest of the flight.]

5 thoughts on “THE Christmas Trip

  1. Am adding that to my list of favorite conversation of Kimchi. Including in the list is: “Boken… Pieces” and “More? – can you say please? – Juice?” love you guys

  2. This is incredible! Very excited to read about all these places. And how is Kimchi only 5? I’m not even that good at small talk.

  3. Amazing! What a great memory. What a perk that the kids are getting old enough to travel fairly well.
    And what a cute conversation to overhear!

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