Nativity Family Night

12.10 (16)

Kimchi was going to be Joseph and Tofu was going to be a Shepherd/Wiseman.  All day long Tofu insisted she would be the donkey.

Around 6, friends began arriving (and the husbands were coming together straight from work.)  The apartment was full of children and steaming, delicious food.  It felt so festive!  After stuffing ourselves silly, all the moms ushered their children to various corners of the house to change into costumes for the nativity.  Lo and behold, Tofu was still adamant that she would be the donkey.  I dressed her in brown and painted her face.

But the little girl who was going to be “Mary” could not be swayed to participate.  Boys we had aplenty, but girls were in short supply and it came down to Tofu being “Mary.”

  • Me: Tofu will you please be Mary?  See how sad your brother is?  Joseph needs a Mary.
  • Tofu: Heehaw. Heehaaaaaaaaaaaw. [on all fours, shaking her head and backing away into a corner]
  • More pleading from me.  More braying in response.
  • My dear friend, who understands Tofu well, sings out: I’ll let you play with my iPhone
  • Tofu:  Heehaw!Heehaw!Heehaw! [nodding “yes” and crawling in circles)
  • I quickly scrubbed the paint off her face and got her in costume. We’re all set, when Kimchi suddenly realized his sister (!!) is going to be Mary, Kimchi moans: noooooooooo!  I can’t marry my sister!

4 thoughts on “Nativity Family Night

  1. I bet everyone appreciated you guys putting on the Nativity! That will be a great memory of Christmas in Korea. Wish we could do the Nativity with you too.

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