My boy has the family cowlick. I love those untamed locks with a mind of their own. They bring back happy memories of my own brothers at this age.

Recently, Kimchi decided he didn’t like his cowlick and took to drenching his head and trying to press it away. But his hair is like a spring and ultimately he had me shear it off.

I didn’t offer any opinion because the cowlicks is inconsequential but learning one’s preferences and attaining them is valuable.

But, as his adoring mama, I did think, “I love that about you.  That makes you special.  Don’t you know how incredibly handsome you are?  Just the way you are?!”
And the grander parallels were obvious.  I wonder if when we find supposed imperfections in ourselves (of the physical kind or otherwise) our Heavenly Father says, “Can’t you see how beautiful you are??  I made you that way; and I don’t make mistakes.”


3 thoughts on “Cowlick

  1. I should consider this more often as well!! I’m doing major catch up on reading posts, now that I’ve just updated a month or so worth of posts. Ooops. 🙂 LOVE the happy birthday song!!! “Ham ni da!!” hahahaha So so so cute.

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